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The Texas A&M Forest Service Sustainable Forestry department reported that Texas lost 301 million trees in 2011. Here in Houston, we lost 50 percent of our trees in Memorial Park alone. Any number is a devastating number that has made all of us more aware of our landscape.

By selecting native plants for your landscape, you can enjoy beautiful flowering plants, shrubs, and trees year round without draining your wallet or our local water reserves. Native plants typically require 80 percent less water than non-adapted species. Even during August and September, these plants will continue to grow and thrive with only one or two good watering's per month.

Native plants also require less pesticide because they are able to produce their own chemical defenses. The butterflies, bees and other wildlife in your yard will appreciate your pesticide free landscape.

Native plants are also able to maintaining a healthy, vigorous growth form without the use of fertilizers. And, we all know that fertilizer runs off our yards and into local waterways. Both pesticides and fertilizers can cause environmental problems and our attempt to create landscapes using only native plants will go a long way toward alleviating any environmental problems.

For a list of native plants please visit the Texas Smartscape Lineup or for a "Tree Benefit Calculator" which allows anyone to make a simple estimation of the benefits individual street-side trees provide for your home including; energy savings, stormwater runoff's it will intercept and the amount of atmospheric carbon it will reduce.

Go to the Davey Trees website to see how your home benefits from trees. Simply enter your zip code and the type of tree and how big it is and the calculator will tell give you a breakdown of your tree's benefits; from reducing your heating and air conditioning bill to absorbing pollutants like ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide through leaves.


Texas A&M Forest Service Sustainable Forestry Department
Texas Smartscape Lineup

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