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As a key focal point to most homes in our region the Fireplace remains in high demand and is scrutinized as part of the Green Built Gulf Coast Program. While not all Fireplaces are allowed in other Energy Efficiency Programs, Green Built Gulf Coast allows the builder to select units that meet the intent of the program; to mandate products that provide a sustainable, energy efficient home without sacrificing those key features people want when they make the largest purchase of their life.

In general, there are two different classifications of fireplaces; woodburning and decorative gas.

Woodburning Fireplaces

Woodburning fireplaces are either constructed of a masonry product or are factory-built from metal. Both are designed to burn wood or gas logs and use a flue pipe that runs through the roof to exhaust all particulate and flue gases (what people would commonly refer to as "smoke").

Benefits of Woodburning Fireplaces:

Drawbacks to Woodburning Fireplaces:

Decorative Gas Fireplaces

Decorative gas fireplaces are classified as one of three types: Unvented, B-vent, or Direct Vent.

Unvented Fireplaces are either constructed of a masonry product or are factory-built from metal. They are only designed to burn a specific type of gas log that is considered "unvented."

Benefits of Unvented Fireplaces:

Drawbacks to Unvented Fireplaces:

Benefits of B-vented Fireplaces:

Drawbacks of B-vented Fireplaces:

Benefits of Direct Vented Fireplaces:

Drawbacks of Direct Vented Fireplaces:

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