CenterPoint Home Energy Program

While cleaning your home does promote healthier living, the way one chooses to clean the home can significantly affect the occupant's health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the air inside an American home is up to 70 times more polluted than outside air. As a result of poor indoor and outdoor air quality the American Lung Association declares asthma, especially childhood asthma, is one of the fastest-growing diseases. While other aspects of the Green Built Gulf Coast Program deal with the chemical products used in construction, Indoor Air Quality is also dramatically affected by daily living.Central vacuums are a powerful defense against allergies because of how they mechanically operate and where the canister is stored. The power of the central vacuum unit provides the right amount of suction to remove the house dust mites (HDM) allergen and confine it to the collection unit. This collection unit or canister, in most houses is stored outside the living area- such as in a garage where the contents can be disposed of easily and directly into an outdoor trash bin.

Anyone can benefit from a central vac system. While they are typically installed in new homes, they can be retrofitted into existing homes as well. Almost one-third of all central vacuums sold in the United States are installed in existing homes without tearing out sections of walls or ceilings. In fact, the entire installation process usually takes less than a day!

Central Vacuums have recently become a mainstream amenity because of the increased consumer interest in healthy indoor air, and because of their superior cleaning ability. As the popularity of them has grown, manufacturers have innovated many new options that make the process of vacuuming more enjoyable. 

In addition to the convenience and versatility of a Central Vacuum System in a home, one of its best features is the quietness. In comparison to a standard upright vacuum, a central vacuum system can typically be used without creating enough noise to run other occupants from the area allowing for peaceful operation for years to come.

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