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Anyone who has lived in the Gulf Coast climate can tell you, it's a different world here. Choosing a Green Built Gulf Coast Home is your guarantee of an authentic green home, built with specific modifications to thrive in the Gulf Coast.

Anyone can claim to be green. GBGC homes and products are different. We adhere to the one and only national green standard and require strict compliance and third party verification procedures. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently commissioned a study that found 80% of respondents believed certification by independent, third-party organizations provides extra credibility and assurance.

Certification matters. There's no way around it. Only the most efficient, eco-friendly homes and products can receive our certification, which makes things simple for you. No need to shop around… all of the city's participating green builders are here.

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Did you know that the average American uses 80-100 gallons of water per day? Much of this water ends up down the drain, when it could be used in the garden! Some ways you can recycle water are rinsing your produce over a bowl instead of down the drain, or collecting cold water into a pitcher if you are waiting for it to turn hot. A bigger project for those with lots of landscaping and plants is using a rain barrel to collect rain water. You can make one, or find a kit that is already put together.